PVC Plantation Shutters

100% Australian Made

Premium Quality PVC Plantation Shutters

PVC(Polyvinyl Chloride) Plantation Shutters  is perfect to use in high moisture areas like bathrooms, kitchens and laundries as well as beach and lake houses. 

PVC Plantation Shutters are eco-friendly, low maintenance, energy-efficient and UV-resistant.




You’ll never go out of style.


Environmentally Friendly

PVC Plantation Shutters is tree friendly, a good alternative to timber plantation shutters as Fauxwood(PVC) Plantation Shutters.



Don’t worry about high moisture areas. PVC Plantation Shutters are easy to clean and totally waterproof



We use high density material and aluminum core in its loures and side rails. It is built to last.


100% Australian Made

Shutters Warehouse

Why Shutters Warehouse PVC Plantation Shutters

Shutters Warehouse is owned by OZ Supreme Plantation Shutters Factory – one of the largest Plantation Shutter factories in New South Wales, Australia.

Whilst a bathroom window is a welcome addition to any bathroom, chances are you’ll want it to be well covered.

For years, frosting was the most common way to achieve this, but those with an eye for interiors remained fairly unsatisfied with their overall aesthetic. This was until PVC plantation shutters came along.

Bathroom window shutters offer a simple, cost-effective alternative that not only look great, complementing any bathroom interior presented to it, but they also give an extra element of control over your privacy levels.

PVC Plantation Shutters

What Shutter Style is Best for bathrooms

PVC Plantation Shutters are a popular choice for bathrooms. Covering only the bottom half of the window, they maintain privacy, do not compromise on natural light, and are an interior’s best friend. They’re also ideal for smaller windows that would benefit from a subtle, elegant injection of class.

If you’d prefer to completely close off the outside world, then full height shutters are for you. Simply tilt the shutters to allow as much or as little light to stream in – perfect for creating a soothing setting for that long-awaited, candle-lit soak.

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100% Australian Made

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